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If your water bill has been climbing for no apparent reason over the past several months, you may have a leaking water pipe. Though checking all above-ground pipes can help you determine if you have a leak, some leaks may be underground or out of sight.

At Indiana Leak Detection, we’ve got you covered. We have years of experience and training, employing the latest techniques to detect even the most hard to reach leaks. Our mission is to provide you with honest and efficient work you can rely on. Contact us today and we’ll get your home back in working order as soon as possible. Allow us to become your dependable Greenwood water leak detection and repair specialists!

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Common Types of Water Leaks

There are several different types of leaks that could be impacting your property’s plumbing.

Some of the most common leaks we find include:

  • Surface water leaks: Surface water can cause leaks by seeping through your house’s foundation. Some of the factors that may cause surface water leaks include clogged gutters and runoff from high areas.
  • Sewer system leaks: Backed up water from sewer systems can cause water leaks. Some homes combine storm and sanitary sewer systems while others separate them. Combined systems are more likely to develop leaks when heavy rainfall causes contaminated water from the sewer system to back up and seep through cracks in the foundation.

The Dangers of Leaking Pipes

Just a few of the possible outcomes of pipe leaks left untreated include:

  • Compromised water quality due to exposure to rust, germs, and other dangerous contaminants
  • Extensive property damage, including damage to heating elements and plumbing fixtures
  • Increased water bills
  • Increased health and safety risk

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid these issues in the future. Performing routine maintenance on your pipelines is key in leak prevention. It is also important to treat leaks right away so they do not worsen, causing only more damage to your home and wallet.

Techniques We Use

At Indiana Leak Detection, we are proud to utilize several sophisticated techniques to locate and address leaks of all types and sizes.

Our Greenwood leak detection specialists primarily use the following techniques to diagnose leaks for our customers:

  • Thermal imaging: This leak detection technique uses infrared cameras that detect subtle changes in temperature. These changes appear as darker areas and indicate that moisture is present, commonly indicating a leak. A thermal imaging meter can then help pinpoint the source of the leak.
  • Gas filling: This method is most effective in indoor environments that offer relatively easy pipe access. The gas filling leak detection procedure is simple. A special gas is introduced into a pipe. As the gas travels through the pipe, it is tracked by a special device sensitive to the gas. Since the gas is pumped at high pressure, a leak will be quickly detected by the detector. The gas filling leak detection method can be applied to outside pipes but may involve digging to access the pipe. However, detection accuracy of this method is determined by the depth of the pipe; the deeper the pipe, the less accurate the results will be.
  • Geophones: The working principle of geophones is the same as that of stethoscopes used by doctors. Geophones catch and amplify sound from the ground. A leak can be quickly detected by listening to the sounds from the ground.

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