Man and son grilling out.

Don’t Throw These BBQ Foods Down Your Drains

Summer is the best season for food. Period. This is thanks to seasonal vegetables (hello corn and zucchini) and the accommodating weather that makes it possible to whip up fantastic feasts outside of our kitchens.

Unfortunately, this is also the time of year our plumbing systems endure the most abuse. Barbecue foods are greasy, boney, and starchy, all of which conspire to form stubborn clogs and threaten to damage our garbage disposals.

Here’s how to spare your plumbing some major problems.


Grilling a few chicken wings or a nice, juicy steak can provide some great summer eats. If you choose to purchase meat that still has bones attached to it, you'll need to dispose of these bones once you finish eating.

If you have a compost bin, chop up or grind the leftover bones to add to your garden or lawn. One thing you should not try to do is toss the bones in your garbage disposal. Bones will have a hard time breaking down in the disposal and can clog your drain--which could really cause major problems for your disposal.


Most gas grills will have a can attached to them to catch any excess grease that comes from your cooking popular meats. Once these get full, you'll want to pour the grease into a plastic container before throwing it in the trash or a dumpster. If you try to pour fat and grease down your drain, it will congeal to form a bad clog.

Starchy Foods

Baked potatoes are great when cooked on a grill. However, some folks like to leave the potato skins behind. The starches in potato skins cause them to bind together, and they are likely to stop up your garbage disposal. Other starchy side dishes, such as pasta salads, expand in your drain and cause it to back up. Keeping starch-heavy foods out of your drain line is a great way to keep it flowing freely.


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