Smells in Home

Your Home Odor Guide—What’s Causing That Smell?

Your plumbing network can be divided into two basic systems. Your water line brings clean water to your home, while your sewer line flushes waste to a wastewater treatment plant. Unfortunately, on occasion, plumbing issues can cause gas from your sewer line to enter your home, emitting foul odors.

Today, we here at Indiana Leak Detection will explain some of the common causes and the potential solutions to the sewer smell in your home.

P-Trap Problems

All of your water fixtures have a P-trap to prevent sewage gas from entering your home. You probably recognize the one underneath your sink. It’s shaped like a U and fills with water creating a seal that blocks sewage gases from coming through the drain and into your home.

An illustrated sink and P-trap with the Indiana Leak Detection logo

The most common way that a P-trap can lose that seal— lack of use. Water will stay behind in the P-trap, but if the fixture isn’t used often, that water can evaporate away. This plumbing problem has an easy solution! Simply turn on your fixture, and run water down the affected drain.


Clogs not only hurt your plumbing system, but they can also cause odors to enter your home. Especially if the clog has been there for a long time. Persistent clogs will begin to smell due to decay. The best way to clear a clog and ensure the long-term health of your plumbing is by scheduling hydrojetting.


Your P-trap can lose its water seal through evaporation or a leak. If you can’t find the source on your own, you may need some additional professional help. Many tubs and some other fixtures don’t have a visible P-trap, making it hard to locate your leak. If you can’t ascertain the origin of your home leak, ask the leak experts at Indiana Leak Detection for help!

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