Top 5 Signs of a Leak in Your Home

Water damage can be an expensive repair for most homeowners. There are several signs that normally go unnoticed until a major problem occurs. By the time the leak is discovered, the repair costs can be astronomical.

Water leaks are not just reserved for older properties, but can happen in newer homes too. To avoid the expense and inconvenience that is associated with repairing the leak, there are several indicators that a potential problem might exist.

Flooded room1. Dripping Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen faucets that drip may just be more of a nuisance to the homeowner rather than a warning sign. The consistent dripping will cause the water bill to increase in time. A small drip is an indication that a bigger problem is on the way.

2. Mold

Mold thrives in damp environments. Most homes that have basements or cellars may have a small amount of mold. It becomes a problem when the smell is very strong and visible signs of growth are evident. When mold is spotted in places that normally are not damp, this is an indicator that the leak has been occurring for some time.

3. Water Meter Readings are Consistently Increasing when Water is not Being Used

Routine checks of the meter readings should be a priority. It is best to check the reading during a time when water is not being used for several hours. If it is a significant difference in the meter reading after the test period is completed, there may be a potential problem.

4. Damp Spots Outside

If damp or wet spots are discovered in areas that are relatively dry, it is best to see if the water is from pipes that are buried. Breaks in sewage pipes are very hard to ignore because of the smell that is emitted from the waste materials. If there has not been any significant rainfall for a long period of time and there are no other types of water sources in the area, a broken pipe is the culprit.

5. Brown Spots on the Ceilings or Walls

Pipes that have been leaking for long periods of time will cause brown or yellow water spots to appear. These spots are visible and when touched, the spots are soft. When the roof is leaking, the same type of spots will also appear on the ceilings or walls. Many times, the paint or plaster will begin to peel away.

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