How Can I Keep Water Leaks From Happening?

A question many people have asked, but is there one true answer? The reality is that water leak prevention is not a simple task, but rather a risk to be monitored. For the worriers, there are three things to consider with respect to the risk of water leaks.


Water leaks are common, much more common than they should be. A general familiarity with your house and its inner workings go a long way into preventing a large scale water leak. A sudden sewer smell can indicate a backup. Abrupt changes in the pool deck can indicate a leak in a pool. New cracks in the wall, a spike in the water bill are all indicative of a water leak. Maybe you can even hear the faint sound of water spraying, which could be a pipe burst. A general familiarity, coupled with the foresight to think about water leaks is the best prevention from a serious leak.


Nothing lasts forever. A plumbing system installed even as recent as the 1990s can sport significant wear and tear. And a seemingly small leak can lead to big problems if not dealt with properly. The idea of fixing your own pipes may be tempting, but shoddy untrained work on an obsolete system only makes the situation more dangerous. With professional expertise, the likelihood of a major problem goes down significantly but there's always a risk. Equipment ages, it is the way of things. Keep the equipment in good shape and you'll be in good shape as well.

No one wants for their pipes to burst, but it happens. Bad weather, accidents, even bad luck can lead to water leaks. As much as you try to keep your equipment in good condition and look out for warning signs that a leak could have occurred, there are things no one can control. A harsh winter storm, age, floods, earthquakes, other natural phenomena. None of these things can be avoided.

As with all things, it's best to prepare for the worst, but plan for the best. Although buying new equipment can be expensive, things can always be replaced, and almost always for the better.

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