Three Ways to Check For Water Leaks

How to Check for Water Leaks

Frustrated about another water leak you weren't prepared for? Water leaks can be very costly to the home and hard to detect. Here is how you can detect them before major damage is done?

A cartoon leaking pipeCheck the toilets

It is common to notice water leaks through the toilet system and they can be somewhat hard to detect. What you would do first is remove the top of the toilet tank. Get close to the tank and listen carefully to what sounds come out of it. If you here any hissing like sounds try to find the source right away. If you end up finding the source, locate the problem and figure out if you are able to fix it or if a plumber is needed. If nothing jumps out at you then add some food coloring into the tank. Wait a while and if you end up getting color then there is a leak in the flapper towards the bottom.

Hot water tanks:

These tanks are common areas of leakage. The valves pumping water directly into the drain may be leaking without you even knowing. If you can't remove the pipe to check for the hissing there may be a problem right then and there. Evaluate the issues and check with a plumber right away if there are any major problems. Leaks should be handled with extreme care to prevent further damage.

Meter lines:

If the toilets seem to be fine it is a good idea to move on and check the meter running into the house. While this step can be a little complex, it can save a whole lot of dough if you can nail it to one source. If you know you have a shut-off valve by the house, locate it and shut it off for a short period of time. Check the meter by removing the lid and check the dial at the top of the meter. If you can't see the meter head clearly, then simply dig around and get a better view. If the valve is turned off and the meter is still turning, then there is a leak somewhere between meter and house. This is common with older bronze items. You can also check for visual cues around the house for the leak such as soft muddy areas, grass that appears greener than other areas, and grass that is much taller than other areas.

If you suspect a leak in your Indianapolis home, call Indiana Leak Detection at (317) 449-2780 or contact us online. We can identify the problem and get it resolved before it damages your property!