How Are Slab Leaks Repaired?

A slab leak in your  Indianapolis home can only occur when your home sits on a single concrete slab. The slab holds up your home, and the slab is susceptible to extreme weather conditions that happen throughout the year. A single piece of concrete cannot be expected to remain in one piece forever, and you will notice problems with the slab when cracks appear. This article explains three ways that slab leaks are managed by professionals.

Pipe with a cloth tied on#1: Small Cracks Are Filled

Small cracks on the exterior of your slab foundation are visible from the outside of your home in many cases. Your slab repairman can fill these cracks if they have not gotten too deep. A small crack will remain filled for years at a time, and the bonding agent used by the repairman is so powerful that the slab may stop moving in that spot. Do not fill the cracks yourself because you do not have the products necessary to do this sort of work.

#2: Large Cracks Require Stronger Measures

A large crack in your foundation cannot be filled with a simple bonding agent, and your foundation repair specialist may choose to fill the crack with more concrete. Filling the crack with concrete may repair the leak, but you may need to take a look at the way your property is laid to determine if you can make changes to your property to prevent water from bombarding the foundation in the future.

#3: Bracing For Major Problems?

You may not catch a slab leak until the crack is so large your slab is in danger of failing. A slab leak of this magnitude could adversely affect the interior of your home, and your home may begin slipping if you are not careful. A bracing product may be used to help support your slab, and the brace will be inserted into the slab to help support it in different parts of the house. The slab will stop moving, and the leaks will stop after other cracks in the foundation are filled.

Preventing slab leaks in the future requires the assistance of a professional Indianapolis repairman. You do not have the training or products necessary to repair your own slab, and you need a professional on the scene to assess the extent of the problem. You may need to go so far as using braces on the slab, and only a pro can help you with this process.

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