When Our Services Are a Must

A plumber in a red shirt and hat is adjusting a main lineIf you are a homeowner and have ever experienced a leak in your houses plumbing system, you likely know how frustrating it can be not only to diagnose the problem, but to fix the problem. Additionally, going about trying to fix this sort of thing on your own is going to do nothing but burn your pocketbook and in the end is a terrible decision when it comes to the overall maintenance of a home.

The truth is that many people attempt to fix various issues with their plumbing, only to make matters worse, such as pouring nasty chemicals down a drain in the hopes of fixing a clog, only to damage the pipes, ultimately leading to huge costly repairs later down the line.

The best idea is to hire a qualified professional business that can come in and inspect your plumbing system, check for leaks and advise you on the proper methods of fixing the problem. Most of the time they will offer to fix the problems if you do have any leaks, although you will have to pay for the overall costs associated. Here are some situations where it is advisable to utilize leak detection.

Checking Water Meter

Let's say that you have shut off all water in the house and are absolutely sure that no one is using any water. You will want to look at the actual water meter and check to see if the meter is moving at all. If the meter is moving and you are positive that all water faucets are off, you can be certain that you have a leak somewhere and will want to use leak detection services.

Break Under the Slab

If you happen to find a hotspot on the floor of your home, which will be significantly warmer than other areas in any given room, you can be quite certain that the hot water plumbing has a break in it under the slab. You will want to contact a company to have this assessed as soon as possible.

Hearing Running WaterPliers, a hammer, a screwdriver, and a paintbrush in a green and blue cartoon house

The last reason is simply, if you can hear water running even though aren't running any faucets. You have definitely heard the sound of running water in the house, say for instance if you turn a shower on and you walk to another room. Hearing a running noise is indicative that you have a leak, although it may be almost impossible for the average homeowner to find the problem. If you experience any situations like this, don't hesitate to call a professional to utilize their leak detection services.

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