Top 5 Causes of Hidden Leaks in the Home

Woman in tubWater damage can be a very costly home repair, especially if you are not aware of the leak until months or years later.

These hidden leaks can not only destroy your belongings, over time the leaks can damage the structure of your home. Here are the top 5 causes of hidden leaks in the home and how to easily spot them.

1. Incorrect Toilet or Tub Installation

While installing a toilet in the home might seem like a simple process, if the ring is not seated perfectly, each time the toilet flushes water will leak under the floor. Toilets on the second floor will drip into the framework between floors until the water is so significant it begins to drip through the ceiling on the floor below. Be sure a professional installs the toilet, and keep an eye out for any water around the base of the toilet.

2. Installing a Satellite Dish

Placing a new satellite dish on the roof seems simple enough, but when you have to drill holes in the roof, if you do not secure them properly, rain will get into those openings. Bay close attention during a rainstorm from the attic, look to see if you see any leaks. If you do not carefully inspect, the water could soak the insulation and eventually through the ceiling.

3. Cracked Foundation

If you notice any cracks in the exterior foundation of the house, they need to be sealed quickly. Rain and sprinkler water will easily get into the crack and slowly damage the foundation of your house the longer it is not addressed. The water can cause the crack to worsen, or allow water to penetrate the foundation and get into the lower living areas of the home.

4. Older Plumbing SystemLeaky Outdoor Faucet

Older homes have older pipes, and these pipes will at some point break down to the point they leak. This usually occurs at the joints, and if the pipe is exposed you can easily see those leaks dripping. If you spot a leak, call a professional plumber to repair the area. Your home may be in need of some serious repair or pipe replacement.

5. The Water Heater

Whether you have an old water heater or you installed a new one, corrosion around the hot water pipes can cause the pipes to leak. If you are not skilled at soldering, make sure a professional plumber fixes this issue before the leak gets worse and sends water cascading throughout your home.

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