Leak Detection 101

A yellow triangular road sign with a wrench on itThere are all sorts of water leaks that can occur inside of a home. It is important to detect these water leaks quickly, otherwise it can eventually cost a homeowner tens of thousands of dollars in pricey repairs.

Thankfully, there are ways to locate most leaks, although some are by far more difficult to locate than others.

Leaky Pipe Joints

For anyone who has noticed any sort of drop in their water pressure, it is likely due to a leaky pipe joint. As water can collect right here it can cause a degrading in the pipe.

While there are other signs of a leaky pipe, often the first to come is a reduction in water pressure. Now, it is important to monitor water pressure as these pipe joints may be located deep within the structure of your home, which is difficult to reach.

For anyone who notices a drop in water pressure, it is important to bring in professional plumbing service to look into the issue.


Corrosion is a common problem in homes that used physical metal instead of PVC. Whether it is from chemicals running through the plumbing or just old age, the metal is going to start to corrode and change the plumbing colors. This is usually most evident in the basement where plumbing might be exposed.

However, if it is happening in the basement there is a good chance it is happening throughout the home. Should this be the case the house might need to be completely repiped with PVC.

Now, it can be a costly fix to have the entire home redone but it does increase the home value and prevents any sort of damage that might occur later on, which not only requires new plumbing but it also might require new flooring, drywall and other repairs due to damaged infrastructure from a leaking pipe.

CracksHugging couple

Any sort of crack is bad. A crack in the wall, ceiling, flooring or even concrete around the house does not just happen. Unless a home lives near a fault line where the shifting of the earth's surface can cause this kind of cracking, the crack typically is caused due to water problems or the shifting of the foundation.

Either way, whenever there is a crack it needs to be inspected. There is a strong chance there is a leak that is causing a reduction in strength around the cracked surface.

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