Reasons You Need Professional Slab Leak Detection Services

A beige two story house with a garageSlabs are the common structural elements of the buildings we have today. They are human-made and thus are prone to damages and therefore leakages if not early detected. Slab leaks are defined by plumbing experts as pinhole leaks that develop in copper water lines located underneath the solid concrete floor of your home.

Other names that describe this problem are concrete slab leaks and foundation leaks. The following are some of the most obvious indicators of a slab leak.

a. Hearing the sound of running water while there is no water running out of your pipes.
b. Hot spots on your floor.
c. High water bills.
d. Water patches on the floor or your carpet becoming wet.
e. Wet baseboards.
f. Presence of cracks in the floor or walls.

The procedure to find the slab leak is a delicate one which should always be carried by an expert. This is because your property could be dismantled or destroyed in the process leading to excess costs and inconveniences. It requires a very thorough process necessitating the need to hire an expert.

Leaks detection is very important in ensuring your home’s plumbing system is running well and also to save you the added cost accompanied by repairs and replacement.

Leaks can be located using non-destructive means through the use of technology and modern tools such as electromagnetic pipeline radars and electronic amplification equipment, all which a homeowner would probably not be having. Hiring professional leak detection experts would be both beneficial to you and your property as they would ensure the best procedure is employed to give you satisfaction and still adhere to your specifications. Here are the various methods these experts could employ to rectify your slab leaks.

Directly assessing the slabs

This is a destructive method carried out by hammering the floor to open it up and repair the slab. It is a costly method and not recommended at all unless it’s the only option available

Re-route to your pipes

This is the conventional industrial procedure used to repair slab leaks. The method is also highly recommended by insurance companies. It is done by installing a new water line through the walls and ceiling of your house and abandoning the old one which is leaking. It has minimal disruption to your interior surfaces.

Epoxy pipe covering

It is applied in systems that have a series of small cracks and leaks which render normal repair costly. It is also cost reducing.


In the event you have had numerous and constant slab leakages which have been repaired severally, you need to conduct a complete piping system re-install. It should help reduce the frequent plumbers in your home.

Every Indianapolis homeowner could benefit from slab leak detection. Contact the pros of Indiana Leak Detection at (317) 449-2780 to get it done!