Leak Prevention: What Can Homeowners do to Prevent Hidden Leaks?

Woman pouring water from a filtered pitcherHidden leaks in your home can cause problems that seemingly come out of nowhere. You cannot search for these leaks on your own, but you can take steps that will help prevent these leaks. The suggestions below will help you stop hidden leaks before they start.

Caring For Your Spigots

The spigots in your home will leak easily if you are not careful with them, and you must turn them on and off kindly. Your spigots will leak slowly from the connection under the sink, and you will not see these leaks if you are not under the counter. These spigots connect to pipes that pass behind the wall or into the floor. These pipes are easy to jostle, and they may begin leaking in a hidden place. The same is true of your showers and tubs.

Plumbing Inspections

A plumber should inspect your home at least once a year for minor leaks and problems. Your plumber can spot things that you would never notice, and they can fix the problems after the inspection. A plumbing inspection may include the use of a video camera inside your pipes, and you want your plumber to check everything just to be safe.Woman calling plumber and giving a thumbs up

Check On The House

You can walk around your home every day to listen for problems that may have cropped up. The pipes in your house make sound when you are running the water, but the water that is leaking makes a different sound after you turn the water off. You can listen for these dripping noises, and you can pinpoint them if you hear them. The sound may be from condensation, but you can alert your plumber to the issue before you have a real leak on your hands.

Preventing hidden leaks in your home is your responsibility. You can enlist the help of a plumber, and you can inspect your home on your own. Every hidden leak starts with tiny symptoms that you can pick up on, and you should be on the lookout for these symptoms. Being a careful homeowner is going to allow you to prevent leaks and floods in the house.

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