Keep Your Home Safe From Water Damage

An illustrated house showing each furnished roomhidden leak in your home can occur at any time and can cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage. You can avoid many hidden water leaks by implementing a regular inspection schedule for the likely sources of water in your home. Consultation with a reputable plumbing company can help to ensure your home stays dry and trouble-free.

Have Your Roof Inspected Annually

Hidden water leaks can occur in your home when roofing materials deteriorate allowing intrusion from rainfall or snowmelt. You can prevent wall, ceiling and floor damage by ensuring the small roof problems are handled quickly before they become large leaks that cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home.

You should also have gutter systems checked to ensure that they effectively carry water away from the foundation of your home. Water damage in your home could be caused by defects in your roofing system or from leaks in the plumbing.

Check Appliance Hoses Regularly

The hoses that carry water to and from washers, dishwashers and refrigerators can become deteriorated over time, weakening the materials and causing leaks. Each spring, do a close inspection of these hoses to see if there are any leaks or looseness in the fittings. Have the hoses replaced immediately to prevent damage to your home.

Have Unusual Moisture in the Home Investigated

Showers and sinks can develop leaks deep within the walls that cause significant damage if neglected. Call your local plumber to investigate any suspected leaks or suspicious moisture in bathroom and kitchen areas. Have tiled areas repaired, as needed, to prevent water damage to the rooms below these areas.

Maintain Toilets on an Ongoing Basis

Running toilets can increase your water bill by hundreds of dollars. Call your local plumber immediately for toilet problems to prevent leak problems that waste money.
Internal parts of the toilets may require replacement. The type of water in your area can have a bearing on how long these internal parts last and the frequency of replacement.

Check Your Water Heater Annually

Your water heater can become rusted and cause hidden leaks that ruin construction materials in your home. The drain valve at the bottom of the tank should be opened every 6 months to clear out the sediment.

Service Your Air Conditioning System Regularly

Air conditioning systems can develop leaks when blockages occur in the lines. Your local plumbing company can inspect and clean air conditioning lines and condensation drain pans to ensure the free flow of fluid.

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