Best Ways to Prevent Leaks At Home

Water droplet with an X over itThe best way to prevent leaks in homes is to hire a reputable plumbing company to assess the condition of the home’s piping system. Leaks are not prevalent, and their occurrence means that there are more severe problems plaguing the piping system.

Common Causes:

Extreme cold can also cause leaks because the proper protocol is not followed like insulation. However, a system that is leaking is probably in older construction that utilized galvanized piping. This piping rusts from the inside. Other symptoms include intermittently rusty water, the leaks themselves and decreased water pressure in some cases.

Experienced plumbers will scope the system to get a visual of the problem. If the problem is decaying galvanized piping, only a full home re-pipe will solve the problem. If this step is not taken, the problems will get progressively worse.

Piping Repair and Replacement

However, advancements in piping have made this process easier and substantially cheaper than replacing piping using old methods with technologically inept material. The most recent advancement to be accepted by the plumbing community of professionals is PEX piping. PEX is significantly more stable than traditional plumbing and is more effective and durable than any material to precede its development.


Additionally, the fact that the many metal connections that are involved in traditional plumbing do not have to be utilized, the installations are much speedier also. The average home will require approximately one day to re-pipe, and water service will only have to be terminated for the extent of the project.

This means that in most cases, homeowners will not experience an outage if they are not present throughout the job due to work or other outside activities. Leaks in PVC often occur for other manmade reasons. It requires improper usage like utilizing caustic materials to clear drains. If this material settles in the piping, it could eventually cause leaks. The good news is that these repairs are much easier to make than in galvanized piping.A hand drawing a red X over the "un" in "unprepared"

Water utilizing appliances often leak from their connections. These should be kept tight at all times. When fixtures like faucets begin to leak, it may be necessary to hire a professional plumbing company to replace the devices.

Additionally, leaks that occur in toilets and showers also require the knowledge of a professional company to asses and repair. When homeowners experience leaks, the issue should be addressed immediately. Water that is allowed to leak can cause thousands of dollars of damage in short order.

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