3 Things That Can Go Very Wrong as a Result of a Leak

A cartoon house with lines and pathways showing all of its utility connectionsWater is the most destructive natural element that a home can incur. Large leaks are very obvious and can be very destructive, but small, unnoticed leaks cause the most damage because they simply leak uncontrollably until the damage can only be rectified with extensive repairs. These leaks often occur in crawl spaces and other places that are not obvious.

Sometimes plumbing companies place leak detectors and alarms to mitigate the damage that leaks of this nature cause in homes.

The best way to prevent leaks is to employ a reputable plumbing company to inspect the plumbing of the home periodically. However, when these steps are not taken, water causes three catastrophic issues that can sometimes cause homes to be condemned.


The first issue is mold. Dangerous toxic molds proliferate in the presence of moisture. This makes leaks the primary engine that fuels their growth. If this moisture is not eliminated, the mold damage can become so extensive that homes can become uninhabitable in a matter of days.

This mold causes extreme health issues for healthy people, but the issues can be life-threatening to people with pre-existing breathing issues like asthma. Additionally, mold eradication is a tremendous expense, and the family cannot live in the home until licensed mold remediation specialists deem the building habitable after thousands of dollars of work.


The water itself is destructive. Anything that the water impacts will be damaged in a matter of minutes. The material that sheetrock is composed of immediately wicks water up the wall.

This wicking process must be stopped immediately usually by removing sheetrock in an expensive process that will include plumbing repair, immediate cleanup, drying, mold remediation, reconstruction, and painting. Most of these steps will have to be done immediately. This often means out of pocket expenses that can only be recouped through stringent negotiations with an insurance adjuster.A happy face wearing a hat and holding a red wrench


All of these issues are greatly compounded if the leaks occur with sewer or gray water. In this case, a professional hazardous material contractor could be needed to clean and disinfect the home before any of the normal water remediation processes can take place or before the inhabitants can return to the space.

When this type of water impacts a home, almost nothing that the water impacts is salvageable including flooring and furniture. Additionally, if the massive bacteria load is not eliminated, the home will constantly smell and present a significant health hazard.

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