How Do You Take Care Of Slab Leaks At Home?

A cartoon hand holding a wrench with a red circle in the background Slab leaks are common in homes that rest on slab foundations. These single units of concrete are going to crack given time, but they will only leak when they are not looked after properly. If you are looking out for slab leaks, you will be able to keep your home in much better condition. Also, you will be able to catch these problems before they become too serious to overcome.

A slab leak is usually caused by rushing water that runs into the cracks in the slab. The landscaping at your home might push the water into the cracks, and the landscaping could let water form these cracks over the course of many years. If you live in an area that has seismic activity, you will likely have foundation issues even if there are only very small tremors once a year.

How Do You Find These Leaks?

You can see these leaks when you look over the foundation from the outside of the house. You might even see water dripping from the cracks that has been flowing through slowly. However, you might hear the water running under the floors before you see a problem outside. Some of these cracks only happen on one side, and the cracks might be bigger under the house than it is on the exterior of the house.

How Long Do Repairs Last?
When you are getting repairs done to your slab foundation, you need to make sure that you give yourself a few days. Many serious foundation problems take a while to fix. However, smaller leaks can be filled in by your contractor in just a couple of hours. The severity of the problem determines how long the problems will take to repair.

The slab leaks at your home are one of the most serious problems that you must deal with. A major crack in the foundation could cost a great deal of money to repair, and these cracks are going to cause humidity problems inside the house. You must remember that catching these issues early will save your home from certain peril.

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