Top Signs of Slab Leak

Many homes are built on concrete slabs with water pipes running through them into the home. Unfortunately, the pipes running through these slabs sometimes develop leaks. If these leaks are not addressed in a timely manner, they can cause serious damage to the house's foundation. The following are the 5 most common signs you may have a leak in the slab underneath your home.

Wet Spots In The Yard 

When there is a leak in the pipes which run through the slab under your home, water begins to leak into the ground under and around the house. Eventually, the ground becomes saturated and it may cause muddy areas around the outside of your home. If you see unexplained wet spots in your yard you may have a water leak in your slab.

Damp Floors

When there are cracks in the water pipes running through the slab under your home, the water may begin to seep into your floors. In some cases, the floor may simply feel damp. If there is a large leak, you may find damp spots in a number of in different places on your floor. If you notice dampness in your carpet or other floor covering, it could be a sign you there is a leak in the slab.


Puddles of water on your floor are never a good sign. If you live in an area that has a lot of rainfall, you may think it rainwater leaking into your home, mop it up and forget about it. But if you consistently see even small puddles of water on your floor, you may have a crack in your home's slab.

Mold Or Mildew

When there is excess dampness in your home, that's the perfect environment for mold and mildew to gain a foothold. Many people's first reaction to seeing mold on their walls or floors is to purchase a dehumidifier. If you've tried a dehumidifier and the mold and mildew still persist, it could signal there's a crack in the slab under your home.A plumber with a tool belt holding a yellow hose

Unusually High Water Bills

Most people have a basic idea of the average monthly cost of their water usage. If you see a consistent spike in the size of your water bills there may be a leaking pipe in the concrete slab under your home.

If you suspect there may be a crack in your slab, you should contact an experienced plumber immediately.

Slab Leaks can be sneaky. Don't delay, call the professionals of Indianapolis Leak Detection at (317) 449-2780 to inspect your Indianapolis area home!