How to Identify and Deal with a Gas Leak

Gas leaks, if you rely upon natural gas for any part of heating or warming water or cooking in your home, you also have some concerns about gas leaks. Here are some things that you may wish to know about the possibility of gas leaks.

What are the Dangers of Gas Leaks?

Many people are concerned about gas leaks, however, many people don't really know much about them. A gas leak can have the potential for an explosion. It can not only burn down your house, but it can also injure you and those that you love. Learn the simple telltale signs of a gas leak.

How do you Identify Gas Leaks?

There are many identifying factors for gas leaks. The first way that most people identify a gas leak is the smell. An additive is put into natural gas that smells like rotten eggs. This sulfur smell is the signal to you that there is a leak. Another sign is if your vegetation is suddenly dying in an area that is normally green and lush. There may also be a hissing sound if a pipe has broken (in this case, there wouldn't be a smell as the additive isn't added into the pipes. Obviously if there are flames there is a gas leak as well. It's important to note that all of the signs may not be present. There may only be a few of the signs.

How do you Prevent Gas Leaks?

To prevent gas leaks, ensure that your connections are secure. If there is an earthquake or any signs of a gas leak, avoid re-entering the area until it can be checked by a professional. Avoid digging in any area without first calling the utility company to ensure that there are no natural gas pipelines in the vicinity. Most gas pipelines carry signage stating to 'call before you dig'. It can save you a lot of hassle and expense if you heed such warnings.

Never start a car that is near a potential leak. A simple spark can ignite a huge fire. Do not light a cigarette and never use a garage door opener or turn any lights on or offer. Call for professional services immediately and stay away from the area until you are informed that it is safe to be there.

Gas leaks are nothing to be taken lightly. Treat every potential gas leak as an emergent situation and act accordingly.

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