Are Leaks Putting a Damper on the Health of Your Home?

Leaky faucetAvoiding Hidden Water Leaks

Your home or business is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime and can be at risk because of something as simple as a hidden water leak. Every year, millions of dollars are lost through repairs and in some cases, the black mold remediation, caused by what seems to be a minor leak.

Common Water Leaks

As your building ages, your water pipes can deteriorate as well. Sometimes they may shift through basic movement of the foundation as a building naturally settles throughout the years. This can loosen couplings and valves, resulting in leaks between walls and ceilings which create an environment for mold. In some areas, sediment from hard water can also build up adding weight to the pipes and forming sediment in the water heater causing it to leak as well.

Signs of a Hidden Water Leak

Probably the worst sign of a hidden leak is spotting mold or mildew. A slight discoloration on a ceiling or wall is a sure sign that mold is forming from dampness between the wall or ceiling.  Other signs to watch for are slightly buckled spots on a floor or wooden cabinet or after cleaning the bathroom or kitchen you may have a musty or moldy smell that lingers. Also, it is a good idea to keep an eye on your water bill. If there is a marked increase in your bill, you definitely have a leak that needs care fast before major damage occurs.

How to Avoid that Hidden Water Leak

Routine inspection and maintenance of your water pipes is the best way to prevent damage to your home or business. It is as simple as a short visit from your local leak
detection company for a thorough inspection of your pipes at least once a year. Checking the basics, such as those exposed fittings under the sink yourself periodically will also prevent some of the most common problems.

Finding a hidden leak

Finding a hidden leak can be almost impossible for the typical property owner until severe damage occurs. A good leak detection company has the equipment to find even the most minor leak between your walls and ceilings. A basic check with state of the art equipment such as infrared or nitrogen technology, which are noninvasive can pinpoint the exact area of the leak and will prevent headaches and thousands of dollars from damages to your property.

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