The Whys and Hows of Leak Detection

Illustrated plumbers carrying tools and working on a pipe and valveHave you noticed an increase in your water bill, and can't find a reason for it? It's possible you have a hidden leak that is washing your money away, and causing damage and possibly a health hazard. Not all leaks are visible because some can be underground in a sewer line or access line. Pipes wear out or break for many reasons such as age, weather, ground conditions, and even poor workmanship.

You've looked everywhere and can't find a trace of a leak, so what do we do? A wise homeowner, buyer or seller calls in professionals for inspections. The inspections are fast and easy on the budget, and they may save you expensive plumbing and repair bills. How do the plumbing professionals find these hidden leaks? The professionals have special technology specifically designed to find hidden damage that causes costly leaks.

Listening Technology

Water escaping from a pipe makes a distinctive sound, and a technician uses a device that pumps a bit of air into the system, and through the use of an electronic listening device he can track and pinpoint the leak in a matter of minutes.

Video Technology

With today's technology, camera systems can route through your pipes searching for damage. Cameras are mounted on cables, and sent through your system. Through live imaging or studying recordings, technicians pinpoint the damage fast and efficiently.


Infrared technology uses thermal imaging to provide quick and easy location of leaks through the use of cameras that measure the release of thermal energy. A water leak releases thermal energy, and is captured with thermographic display.

Technicians are specially trained to use these and other devices to pinpoint leaks which could be or will be causing extensive damage to your home. Routine inspections keep your plumbing fit, and your health safe. Undetected leaks grow mold and nasty odors. Water damage to your home is expensive, and often your homeowner's insurance won't cover the costs.

If you are selling or buying a new home, an inspection by trained technicians ensure your sale or purchase is trouble-free. In an established home, early detection of leaks will save you money and protect your home and health, and professional leak detection uses these and other tools in their arsenal to provide you with a low-cost solution.

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