Understanding Slab Leak

slab leak is a serious problem that can cause significant damage to a home. The term slab leak refers to a water or sewage leak that occurs at or below the concrete slab under the home. Whether this slab is at ground level or under the basement of the home, there can be serious consequences to not immediately addressing a slab leak.


The most common problem that a slab leak will cause is settling. As the ground under the slab becomes saturated with water, it will become compacted and not properly support the home. This compaction will cause the home to settle, or lower, in the area where the ground is wet. As the home settles, interior and exterior walls can crack, doors and drawers may become difficult to open and close and the floors and ceiling of the home may become damaged.


A slab leak that is allowed to continue can cause the soil under the slab to settle and not properly support the slab. The slab may begin to crack if it is not properly supported. Once the foundation slab has cracked, many problems can develop in the home as the slab is likely to begin to sink at the crack. Unlike a situation where the intact slab begins to settle evenly, repairing a cracked foundation that has begun to settle unevenly can be very difficult.

Health Problems

The excess moisture caused by a slab leak can cause mold to grow on the slab and in the home. Mold spores can become airborne in the home and cause a variety of illness from minor allergies to major lung infections. Mold can also damage the wood and drywall in the home, necessitating its removal and replacement. In addition to mold growth, a slab leak caused by sewage lines can cause odors and other health problems as the solids in the sewage will decompose on the slab instead of being carried away from the home.

Other DamageA money bag with wads $100 bills around it

A slab leak will increase the moisture under the home which will increase the speed of corrosion of any metal under the home. This may include metal piping, conduit, structural supports and other home components. In some cases, the moisture may even cause problems with electrical wiring running under the home. In homes with septic systems, a large water line leak at the slab may drain into and overwhelm the septic system causing it to not operate properly.

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