Reducing Your Risk of Leaks Starts Here

Plumber holding chartBoth smaller and larger water leaks in your plumbing system can cause major issues for you. These leaks may require costly detection and repair services, and they may result in water waste and even property damage or mold growth.

Ideally, you want to prevent the leaks before they develop, and there are a few steps that you can take to reduce the chance of leaks in your home.

Adjust Your Water Pressure

When your home's water pressure is too high, it can place unnecessary stress on your pipes. The pressure can ultimately create small or large leaks in certain areas of your pipes even when the pipes are in otherwise good condition.

A good rule of thumb is to keep the pressure below 80 psi. You can work with a plumbing company to learn more about the codes in your area and the water pressure in your home. The plumbing company can also assist you in adjusting the water pressure as needed.

Update Your Water Valves and Supply Lines

Water supply lines provide water to your faucets, washing machine and toilets. These typically include both a shutoff valve and a supply line. Many older homes use a copper tube supply line and associated valve, and these are more likely to leak over time.

It is a smart idea to replace them with a steel braided style. These are known for being more durable and reliable. A plumber can help you to make this replacement to minimize the chance of water leaks in these areas.

Check Your Icemaker HosePlumbing team

You may not think about plumbing leaks related to your refrigerator, but refrigerator leaks are actually rather common. The water hose that runs from the wall to your icemaker can develop cracks or leaks, and these can result in significant water damage to a home.

A smart idea is to check the water hose periodically. If you notice that it is showing signs of age, such as through discoloration, you should replace it.

While these steps can decrease the chance that you may develop a water leak in your home, you should also pay attention to the signs of a possible leak. If you suspect a leak, it is a smart idea to set up an appointment for leak detection services.

Identifying a leak is the first step to take to repairing it, and all leaks should be repaired as soon as possible.

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