What are Symptoms That I Have a Gas Leak In My Home?

There is no doubt about the fact that a gas leak within a home or building can be considered as being a very risky hazard for all residents and visitors. However, the problem with many gas leaks is that they are often undetectable. In order to know if there is a gas leak or not, there are certain symptoms to look out for.

By hiring a home inspector, you will have the ability to get your property check for possible gas leaks. If you're not sure where to find a home inspector, you can ask your local plumbing or heating/air conditioning contractor company to see if they provide such services. A professional plumber will often be able to utilize their tools and equipment to conduct a gas system check to ensure that there are no current leaks.

Gas leak checks are conducted with the use of a gas analyzer. The sensor on the analyzer should be set on the most sensitive setting possible. The typical gas inspection check will be conducted around gas meters, pressure valves, main shut off system, pipelines, shut off valves of appliances, and other operating controls.
Some common appliances that have been known for leaking gas are kitchen ranges, clothing dryer machines, heaters, fireplaces, water heater tanks, and furnaces. Gas leaks can occur from a number of scenarios. They can occur during the installation processes and maintenance processes of piping, amenities, and appliances. More often than not, they occur from sealant fixed around pipe fittings and/or dried grease inside the appliances of valves.

As a homeowner's highest value asset is usually their home property, it is an essential necessity to maintain it on a regular basis. If they are negligent to performing maintenance routines, it is very likely they will see diminishing returns on investment if they are to ever sell their property. A gas leak will not only have a detrimental effect on the home and all of the assets included in it, but also has major risks to the residents' and guests' health. If you think you may have a gas leak in your home, it is recommended for you to contact an inspector immediately.

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