How Often Should I Inspect My Home For Leaks?

Andy the PlumberHow often you check your home for leaks depends on your home. Some homes require regular checkups, once or twice a month. Others don't need them more than once or twice a year. If you suspect a leak, don't push the matter to the side. Investigate it right away.

Should I Call a Plumber

That depends on how bad the leaks are. There are different types of air leaks and water leaks. Today's discussion will be about water leaks. The trick is to stop it before it starts. If you get it in the beginning, you won't need a plumber. If you wait too long, you better have your plumber on speed dial. When you do what I do, you become an expert on various leak issues. I have seen many customers blow it off, then wonder why it's gotten so bad later on.

How To Find a Leak: An Intro

There are different ways to find a leak. I will show you. This is only a small list of where you can find leaks. If you want more, go online. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

How To Find a Leak

Leaking faucet1) There is a pressure valve in your hot water tank. Check it. Sometimes it drains fluid without your knowledge. I would say check it every so often. Don't become obsessive about it. Once or twice a month should be fine.

2) Check the toilet. Remove the cover and listen closely. If there is a hissing sound, try to see where it's located. Once you find the hissing, investigate it. See if you can fix it. If you can, great. If you can't, then call one of us.

3) If there is a meter running to your house, locate it. Turn off the valve and look. Try to isolate the problem area. This you can whether you call a plumber or not. if you are able to isolate it, this makes our job so much easier.

4) Look at the shower-head. Is it leaking? If it is, this is very simple. If unsure how to handle it, just use google.

Finding the leak puts you one step ahead of the problem. Doing regular inspections will reduce the amount of repairs which are needed. So call Indiana Leak Detection today at (317) 449-2780 today!