What Will Happen If I Don't Find And Fix A Water Leak?

Many people ignore what they consider small water leak detections. They see them as minor nuisances and not a sign of a major problem. When signs of leaks begin to appear, the prudent thing to do is find and fix them immediately because they can cause serious damage.

While there may be only a small amount of water on the floor, little wet spots on the wall, or a few drops of water coming out of the tap even after you turn it off, it can quickly become a big, expensive problem.

Mold And Health Issues

Wet spots on the ceiling, floor, or walls are warning signs of impending trouble. One of the first issues that can develop is mold. Mold can be a major health hazard. It only requires a small amount of moisture for mold to begin to develop.

If it's ignored, people can begin to fall ill. Infants, small children, and the elderly are particularly susceptible. Plus mold can warn of even bigger trouble brewing. If you see wet spots anywhere in your home or business do not hesitate. Call a plumber to find and fix the leak immediately. The health of your loved ones depends on it.

High Water Bills

A small but consistent drip coming out of your taps after you turn them off might seem insignificant. But that can add up to gallons of water daily. Many people don't pay attention to such problems, yet they're surprised when their water bills are sky high. Those high water bills are often a sign the small drip in the tap may be only one of leaks in your pipes.

That's why it's essential for you to call in a plumber to fix any leaks you have and inspect your plumbing system to see if there are other leaks. Do this before your water bills cost you a small fortune.

Structural DamageA leaking copper pipe with water bursting out

Over time, a small leak can do serious damage to walls, floors, and even your foundation. Often only subtle signs of these are visible the naked eye.

Things like wet spots on the walls or floors, or reduced water pressure. The only way to be sure that dampness, high water bills, or very low water pressure do not signal bigger problems is to call in a licensed plumber. They have the tools and training to quickly inspect your plumbing system and identify and fix the leaks.

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