Handling a Gas Leak

Many people use natural gas to heat and power their homes. This can be a better and even cheaper alternative than the traditional ways of obtaining electricity. However, it does pose a potential threat. Unlike traditional power in a home, those who use gas should be aware of what to do in the event of a gas leak. Being prepared and educated is the best offense in a gas leak.

Gas Leak Signs

First, you should know the signs of a gas leak. You may hear a noise that sounds similar to hissing or whistling. This is usually accompanied by a foul smell that is similar to that of a rotten egg. The sound can be heard near a pipeline. However, it is not uncommon for you to experience this near an appliance if there is a leak inside the home.

What Should I Do?
As soon as you notice that a leak has occurred, you need to evacuate everyone from the home immediately. Be sure to warn others and make sure that all family members and pets have been removed from the residence. After everyone has made it out of the home safely call 911. It is best to call your energy provider as well after making the call to emergency services.

There are certain things that you should avoid. Many people think that they should turn off their natural gas valve off after discovering the leak. This step, however, should be avoided. It is advised not to turn a light switch or any other electronic device on or off since it could cause a spark to ignite the gas that has leaked into the home. Most people are aware that you should never light a match or use a lighter during a gas leak. However, the same applies to cell phones, house phones, and even garage door openers. These things also pose a threat since they can cause the gas to ignite. It is best not to start or stop any cars or any other type of machinery in or around the area of the leak a well.

How Should I Prepare?

Although a gas leak cannot always be prevented or foreseen, it can be detected. There are devices that will alert you if there is a dangerous amount of gas or another fume in the home that poses a direct threat to your family and pets. Gas leaks can occur in the night and are much more likely to go unnoticed if everyone in the home is sleeping. Having a device alert you of a gas leak can prevent this and may even save lives.

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