Learn The Benefits of Leak Detection Services!

Plumber holding a monkey wrenchYour home is your oasis, anything that can come between you and being able to enjoy the comfort of your home should be put out and stopped before it has the chance to cripple your home and your ability to enjoy the space. If you live in Indianapolis and you feel you may need leak detection services, Indiana Leak Detection is the company you need to call.

Think you have a leak? Look out for these signs:

  • Water stains on your walls or ceilings will be the most obvious signs. As soon as these are spotted it’s time to call for professional services.
  • The sound of running water coming from your walls despite all the faucets and fixtures being off can also be a very obvious sign of a hidden leak.
  • Lastly, if you see that your water bills have gone up recently despite your household not using any extra water, call us to inspect your home for a hidden leak.

What benefits do leak services offer?

  • You’ll avoid spending money on high water bills.
  • You can avoid extensive damage to your home’s walls and infrastructure.
  • You can find leaks before they happen, and learn how to prevent them in the future.
  • You’ll avoid mold growth, which can hurt the health of you and your family.

Hidden leaks are responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage every year, make sure you avoid being part of this statistic by calling out for our expert technicians as soon as you even notice a problem might be occurring. Mold is another major issue that is caused by hidden leaks. Mold can release toxins into the air that can harm the health of those who are exposed to it. Taking advantage of hidden leak services can allow you to prevent these issues and keep your home clean and your family safe.

Get back control of your Indianapolis home! Call Indiana Leak Detection at (317) 449-2780 for professional leak detection services.