What Are the Dangers of a Gas Leak?

Kitchen drain with drain stopper in it and droplets of waterGas leaks are a major cause for concern in many homes. Gas leaks can cause damage to the property and can factor into health risks, including death. The troubling thing about gas is that it is often undetectable by scent alone and not always an apparent danger.

Natural gases, i.e. those used in gas stoves or heaters, are often laced with a smelling agent. However, if a leak were to occur, the build of gas could cause a fire and or an explosion.Gas such as Carbon Monoxide, commonly released through the burning of natural gas, is undetectable by scent and can cause death by fatal air poisoning.

Poisoning by Carbon Monoxide typically occurs in sleep when symptoms cannot be made aware of. The buildup of these gases typically occurs in improperly ventilated areas. There are industry methods to detect these gases giving you the ability to keep your family safe. Gas lines, such as natural gas, should be located by calling 811 before attempting to dig outside. Natural gas detectors can be installed; working much like a smoke detector. Carbon Monoxide detectors can also be installed, but should be placed in low-lying areas due to the heaviness of the gas.

Regular inspection of your home's gas line system is recommended. These systems are often out of our day to day sight and not always in our minds. Conditions such as rust or corrosion can occur throughout the system without warning and often times out of view. Ventilation systems on such things as stoves, water heaters and furnaces are very susceptible to corrosion. Appliances that use natural gas should be looked over by our qualified professionals. Fireplaces, or anything containing an open flame, should be routinely inspected for proper ventilation. Household ventilation systems, i.e. the household furnace, should also have regular inspections as well as cleaning. Disaster can be averted with simple routine inspections combined with the installation of detection systems.

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