Signs That Your Pool Has a Leak

Woman holding up sign that says HelpThere are several signs to be aware of to determine if your pool has a leak. It is also very important to find out if a pool does have a leak, because the bigger the problem, the more it can cost to fix it, especially if it is ignored for a long period of time.

Some common signs to look for are water levels in the pool dropping faster than usual. While some of it is caused by splashing water out of the pool or evaporating on a hot summer day, water levels don't drop drastically overnight. Another obvious sign might be that your pool is requiring more chemicals than usual, and these are not exactly cheap either. So, it may be time to check the structure for cracks on the concrete, or on the fiberglass depending on the material your pool is made of. There may also be signs of wet spots out and around the pool, where there is no reason for there to be a wet or soft spot such as on the lawn, dirt area, or deck.

Flooding in front of a houseCheck for spots that may indicate that there may be a crack or broken underground pipe. This can quickly become a very serious and costly plumbing problem. An obstruction in the pipes or air in the system may also be causing the problem. Some problems are easy to fix...if you know what you are doing. Others may require a professional plumber or leak detection company to look into it, and advise you of the exact problem that may be creating the leak in your pool.

After time, wear, and tear, pools can create leaks where sealants deteriorate, tiles or concrete crack, or fittings and plumbing break. Pools with lights underwater can also tend to create leaks after time. If you are not sure of what is causing your pool to leak, it may be time to hire a professional to inspect your pool, as the problem may be in the underground pipes. After repairing your pool, make sure you monitor for any other leaks especially where tile and stairs are located, because sometimes, tiles and stairs tend to crack or break with time. Pool maintenance and safety is well worth the fun and enjoyment they offer, on a hot summer day!

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