How Do Slab Leaks Affect My Home?

Leaky faucetWhat is a slab leak? It's when water has gotten into your home, and it's been either frozen or free-flowing. Generally, a slab leak happens when the home is built on a slab foundation. Most slab leaks tend to happen on the plumbing side, to the newer homes. Newer homes are the ones that have been built within the last 20 years. Draining problems can also cause slab leaks. Those tend to be reserved for the older homes that have been built.

How can you tell if there has been a slab leak? One of the ways is by water usage. If you are not using a lot of water, but have a very high water bill, this is going to sound suspect. One thing you could do is check your toilet situation. See how much water your toilet has been using. If the problem is not found here, keep looking.

The next thing you might want to do is check your water softener. You also might have a leaky hose. These things will definitely cause the slabs to leak. Check the humidifier in the furnace. Make sure it's working properly. if it's not, it can cause some serious damage.

Slab leaks can happen in just about any place in your home that uses water, or that has water running through it. Check your drains and the piping. How smooth is the flow coming and going? What about your water supply. I mean, both your hot and cold water supply. Just because it's not found in the one spot, doesn't mean it won't be in the other.

If you notice there are leaks in your backyard, this is also a questionable scenario. The thing you have to know about water slabs, they can form rather quickly. The water supply builds up between your home and underneath the foundation. If there is no place for the water to escape to, it can inch its way into the cracks of your home.

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